Snip Snap Snorem

Snip Snap Snorem is similar to Snap the noisy action-packed game.

The Object

Players try to be the first to get rid of all their cards while calling out a series of nonsensical words.

What You Will Need

A standard deck of playing cards

3 or more players, ages 4+

A table or other flat playing surface with room enough for all players

Setting Up the Game

A dealer is selected and deals out all the cards, one at a time, face down to each player.  It is fine for some players to have more cards than others. Players then pick up their cards and arrange their hand by rank.

Playing the Game

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game by laying down any card from their hand face up in the center of the table. The player to the immediate left of the first player then checks their hand. If they have a card of the same rank regardless of suit they play that card by laying it down next to the first players card and blurts out "Snip!".

If they do not have a card they pass and play goes to the next player to the left.

Play goes around the circle with each player matching or passing. The player who makes the second match yells out "Snap!".

The third player to make a match shouts "Snorem!" ending the round.

Often one player will have more than one matching card during a round.

The player who said "Snorem!" and ended the round begins the next round by placing a new card in the center pile face up.  It is wise to play a card that you also have a match for.

Winning the Game

The first player to be rid of all their cards is the winner.

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