Snap is similar to other children card games like

Slapjack and Woof. It has a simple set of rules and can be played by children as young as 4 years old.

Having a quick eyes and a quick voice is key to winning the game.

The Object
Be the player in the end with all the cards.

What You'll Need
A standard deck of playing cards.

Setting Up the Game
2 to 4 players sit in a circle facing each other. The oldest player is the dealer. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals them face down to each player until all cards have been dealt. It does not matter if players do not all receive the same number of cards. Each player places their cards in a neat face down stack without looking at them.

Playing the Game
The player to the left of the dealer goes first.
The player takes the top card from their stack and places it face up next to the rest of their cards. The player to their left goes next and the game continues. Be on the lookout for a card the same rank as another face up card. When you see two cards that match be the first player to yell out "Snap!". The first player to yell out takes the piles of the matching face up cards and adds them face down to the bottom of their stack. Play continues with the player to the left of the player who turned up the matching card.

If any players get excited and shout out at the wrong time they must give each player one of the cards from their face down stack.

In the event that two players call out at the same time both stacks with the matching cards are placed in the middle which is called the Snap Pool.

Play continues on except now the first player to correctly call out "Snap Pool" wins the piles of the current matching cards plus all the cards from the middle. If two players yell out "Snap Pool" at the same time the matching piles are added to the pool and play continues.

If a player runs out of cards in their face down stack they simply flip over their face up stack and continue. Any player that completely runs out of cards is out of the game.

Winning the Game
The player who collects all the cards is the winner.

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