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Family Game Night with the Kids

Games and puzzles have been part of the fun for generations. Families and friends have enjoyed countless hours playing their favorites. Some play chess while others enjoy solving the who done it mystery of Clue. Some compete at horseshoes and others prefer a good mind challenging puzzle. Whatever the chosen activity the result is the same, families and friends together enjoying each other's company and having fun.

Family game night is not a new idea. It has been a long standing tradition for many families. It is an excellent way to spend quality time together unplugged from the TV and computer. Modern families are busy competing with video games, the Internet and of course the television. The classics seem like they would 

be no match for the fast paced, brightly colored video versions where the computer remembers the rules for you, but don't discount the classics. There is a magic in them that bridges the generation gaps and puts smiles on faces.

It may take a little coaxing to get the kids to play, but it can be done. With a deck of cards and a set of simple rules they'll be having fast paced, competitive fun in no time. After a few weeks of family night they'll start to appreciate it and look forward to it.

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Ancient games provide a fascinating window into the cultures, social structures, and daily lives of past civilizations.
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Ancient civilizations played games that are very similar to some modern favorites. 

Did you know the earliest board games are more than 3,500 years old?