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Wrong! is similar to the classic picture searches in which you find the errors or inconsistencies in the picture except that in this game players must listen closely as a story is told to them to find the errors.

What You'll Need
2 or more players plus an adult or older child to be the storyteller.
Enough room for all the players to sit and be able to hear the story.
Paper and a pencil for scoring and for writing down the story (optional).

Setting Up the Game
The storyteller composes their story and writes it down.
Players are all seated facing the storyteller.
Assign one person to be the score keeper.

Playing the Game
Players listen closely as the storyteller begins the story. When a player notices an error or inconsistency in the story they shout out "Wrong!". The storyteller stops the story and the player who called out explains what the error was. If they are correct then they are given one point. If they are incorrect they lose a point. If more than one player calls out the error each will receive or lose a point. The storyteller continues on with the tale until the next person calls out. Play continues to the end of the story.

Winning the Game
The player(s) with the most points at the end of the story is the winner(s).

If playing with younger players the errors in the story should be quite obvious for example "The man flew his car to the store." or "The dog next door had kittens.". With older and more advanced players the errors should be much more hidden for example "I went to the store to try some milk.".

Try this game in a classroom as a review on a recent unit or lesson. Being slightly competitive it's a good way to keep the students' attention.

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