Twenty Questions

The classic game Twenty Questions also known as Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral is a game of deductive questioning in a quest to uncover a mystery word.

The game can be played by anyone, anywhere and doesn't require any special items to play.

Due to it's simplicity it can be very easily played in the car helping entertain children on those long road trips.

Playing the Game
The game starts with one player thinking of an object that can be classified as an animal, vegetable, or mineral. The object can be as broad as a type of animal like a dog or even more specific like a Great Dane. Or even more specific like the name of a particular Great Dane. If you choose to be that specific make sure all players know the name of the dog.

For this game an animal is qualified as anything that is currently an animal or was once an animal. For example it could be a cow or steak or leather shoes. All are considered an animal.

A plant can be a simple plant or anything made from a plant like paper or a cotton shirt.

A mineral is anything that is inorganic and is not made of plant or animal. This could be a rock, a plastic object, or a car. If in the example of the car, the car has leather seats, you choose to classify the object by what the majority of what it is made from. In this case it would be metal which is classified as a mineral.

The person who thought of the object let's the other players know whether the object is a animal, plant, or mineral. Then the other players ask questions that can be answered with a "yes" or "no" in an attempt to identify the object. In total the players are allowed to ask a total of twenty questions.

If the question cannot be answered with a definite "yes" or "no" then "sometimes" and "sort of" can be acceptable answers.

Players can take turns each asking a question or as a group they can confer and ask a group question. At any point if players think they know the answer they can guess the object, but if they are wrong the guess counts as a question.

Winning the Game
If a player correctly guesses the object it becomes their turn to think of the next object and the game continues.

If the players cannot guess the object correctly within the twenty questions the object chooser reveals the answer and gets to choose another object.

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