Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt is a fun activity for all ages especially the younger ones. A great activity for small groups that gets them moving and is slightly competitive.

Object of the Game

Be the team or player to hunt and find the most cards matching their suites. This is a great game for young children.

What You'll Need

  • Two decks of cards
  • Two players or two teams of players and another person to setup the game.
  • A room or two with plenty of hiding spots or an outdoor area.

Setting Up the Treasure Hunt

Without the players present separate one deck of cards into equal numbers of black and red cards. If not using the full deck make sure that you have the same matching cards in the remaining deck of cards. be sure to have equal numbers of red and black cards.

Hide the cards from the first deck in the room or outdoor area where the game will be played. 

Hidden cards should be find-able without having to move anything to find them. In other words if the card is in a drawer the drawer should be partially open so part of the card is visible. If the card is hidden among books the corner should be slightly visible. Also take care to place the cards where they will be accessible by your players. 

Playing the Game

If playing with two players give one player a red card and the other player a black card. If playing with four or more players divide the group into two teams and give each member of each team a card for the treasure hunt.

The red player or team will be hunting for diamond and heart cards. The black player or team will be on the hunt for clubs and spades. The specific card they received, for example Queen of hearts, is the card they are on the hunt for.

As soon as the player finds the hidden card that matches their card they return both cards and receive a new card and continue the treasure hunt. 

Throughout the activity players will locate cards that are not the one they are looking for. When a player locates such a card they should return it to its hiding spot and continue on. Remembering which cards are where will be helpful throughout the game as they may be searching for that card later on, but players should not mention what card is hidden where to anyone else. 

Winning the Game

The game is won by the player or team that locates and returns all of their matching cards first. 

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