Total Recall

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Total Recall which is sometimes called Memory, not to be confused with the card game Memory or Concentration, is a game requiring a keen eye and excellent memory. It is suitable for all ages.

The Object
Be the player who accurately remembers the most objects.

What You'll Need
Two or more players plus a person to setup the objects.
20 to 25 various small objects.
A tray or table to display the objects.
A towel, sheet or other similar cloth to hide the objects from view.
Paper and pencil or pen for each player

Setting Up The Game
The players wait while the additional person sets up the objects on a tray or table. The more variety in the objects the better. They then cover the objects and ready the players.

Playing The Game
They players gather around the objects. The cover is removed for 2 minutes allowing the players to take a mental inventory of the items.

After the two minutes are up the cover is replaced hiding all the items from view. The players are given two more minutes to write down all the items they can remember seeing. The player who correctly lists the most objects is the winner.

If two or more players list the same amount of objects the player who has the more precise list wins. For example if a player writes down "ball" and another player writes "red ball" The player with the more descriptive correct answer wins.

To simplify when playing with younger players use less and more simple objects.

As players become quite good at the game increase the difficulty by adding more objects of greater variety. Also shorten the time allowed to view the objects.

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