Tossing Cards into a Hat

Tossing cards into a hat about sums up the game, but don't let the simple concept fool you. This game is fun for the whole family and has the ability to take on a very competitive tone.

Object of Tossing Cards:

Be the player to earn the most points by landing the most cards in or near the hat.

What You'll Need:

Any number of players., usually two or three works best.

A room with adequate space.

1 or 2 decks of cards. Different colored decks 

A straw hat or similar brimmed hat.  

A sheet of newspaper or hula hoop.

Setting up the Game:

Place the hat upside down on a sheet of newspaper or centered inside a hula hoop on the far end of the room. The hat location should be free of nearby obstacles or furniture that cards may find their way under. 

Split the deck so each player has an equal number of cards.

Select a distance from which the players will be tossing from.

Playing the Game:

With the hat on a sheet of newspaper or inside the hula hoop at the other end of the room players take turns tossing cards one at a time into the hat. 

Players keep track of the cards that have landed inside the hat. Any card that lands on the brim counts as a 1/2 point. If the card lands on the newspaper or inside the hula hoop it counts for a 1/4 point. If a card landed on the brim and is knocked into the hat by any player, it counts a full point for the player who originally threw it. If a card that landed on the brim is knocked off the hat and lands on the newspaper or inside the hula hoop it still counts for 1/4 point.

Tips: Holding the card between your thumb and forefinger with your wrist bent inwards towards your body and swiftly flicking your wrist forward as you release the card works well. This technique sends the card flying across the room and provides some control of the cards flight direction.

Strength isn't nearly as important as skill and luck in this game, smaller children may have trouble hitting the target. To even the odds allow them to stand closer to the hat.

Winning the Game:

The player that accumulates the most points is declared the winner. 

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