Through the Window

Through the Window is an active card game suited for players of all ages.  It is a simple game that can become quite competitive.

The Object
Win the most cards.

What You'll Need
A standard deck of playing cards and three or more players.

Setting Up the Game
  3 to 13 players sit around a circle facing each other. The dealer shuffles the cards and deals them face down one at a time until each player has 4 cards.

Playing the Game
  The dealer begins the game by saying "I looked through the window and saw...", just at that moment they turn up one of their four cards so all players can see it.

Each player including the dealer must try and say an animal, object or place that begins with the same letter as the card shown.  For example if the card is an Ace players might call out apple, aardvark or Arksansas. If the card is a 4 they might say freckles, frog or Florida. 

The first player to call out a correct word takes the card.  The turn now goes to the player to the dealers left. The player follows the dealers lead and says "I looked through the window and saw..." and flips over one of their four cards for all to see.

Each player creates a captured card pile separate from their original dealt cards.

Play continues in the same way with each player taking a turn until all the cards originally dealt have been turned up and captured.

During play no player can use the same word nor can another person use a word that has already been used to capture a card.

Winning the Game
The player who captures the most cards is declared the winner.

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