Stealing Bundles

A game for anyone who's good at matching cards.  Stealing bundles has the added fun of allowing a player to foil their opponent by capturing their cards unexpectedly.

What you'll need

Two players.
A table or other flat surface with seating for both players.
A standard deck of playing cards.

Setting up the Game

Each of the players picks a card from the deck, and the one who draws the highest card shuffles and deals out four cards, one at a time and face down, to both of the opponent and themselves.

Four cards from the deck are then laid out, face up and in a row, in the center of the table. The remaining cards are put aside.

Playing the Game

The dealers opponent goes first.  They look at the cards they were dealt in search of a card that matches in rank any of the four cards in the center.  If they have a card of the same rank, they place it on top of the matching card in the center and gather up the two card bundle stacking it face up to one side.

Throughout the game they add all other captured bundles face up onto this pile. 

If two or more center cards are the same rank and match a card in a players hand they may use the one card they hold to collect all the center card matches. 

If they have no matching cards, a card from their hand must be added to the ones in the center of the table.

Once the opponent has taken their turn, it is the dealers turn to try and capture a card, however, they have options.  They may either match and take one from the middle or "steal" the opponents bundle, if they have one, by matching the card on top of the bundle pile.

Play continues back and forth with players matching cards from their hands with a card from the center or using a card to "steal" the bundle of the other player. 

When both players have played all four cards from their hand, four more cards are dealt to each player from the stack that was set aside at the beginning. Only players are dealt more cards. No more cards are dealt into the center.  When all the cards have been dealt and played, the game is over.  If one player runs out of cards first, the other player may continue to try to play cards from their hand. 

Winning the Game

The player who has the most cards in their bundle pile at the end wins the game

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