Spoons Card Game

Spoons is an easy and enjoyable game that can be played by children and adults alike. The basis of the game is similar to that of the games

Pig and Tongue.

The Object

Be the first player to hold a set of four cards of the same rank.

What You'll Need

A set of four matching rank cards per player. If playing with less than 13 players divide the deck and only use enough matching sets for the amount of players. You will also need spoons equaling one less than the number of players. For example if you have eight players you will need seven.

Playing The Game

The spoons are placed in the center of the table within reach of all players and four cards are dealt to each player. Players take one from the four they were dealt and passes it the player to their left. They then receive a card passed from the player on their right. All players simultaneously pass a single unwanted card face down to their left, and then take the card that the player to their right passed to them. This continues until someone collects four of a kind.

Winning The Game

When a player collects four cards of equal value they say nothing. Instead they quietly reach to the spoons in the center of the table and as subtly as possible place one in front of them. Once a player has taken one, all the other players must do the same, even if they themselves do not have four of a kind.

The player left empty handed is out.

When there are only two players left, they are the joint winners.


There are many variations to this game played around the world. Some people play using a full deck of cards. In this version each player is dealt four cards. The dealer then takes the top card from the deck and discards one from his hand by passing it face down to the player to the left.

That player takes it and then passes one card from their hand to the player to their left. This continues until it is the turn of the player to the immediate right of the dealer. Instead of passing a card to the dealer they place it in a discard pile to be used when the current deck is gone.

Play continues until a player holds four cards of equal value, at which time they take a spoon from the center of the table.

They may subtly sneak the spoon, continuing to pass cards until someone else notices or reach out and snatch up the spoon, creating a spoon grabbing frenzy amongst the other players.

The player left without a spoon is eliminated.

If you prefer to keep score, that player is given an S. Each loss adds another letter until they spell out S-P-O-O-N-S. The player left at the end is the winner.

If you do not have spoons handy try playing one of the other related games. Pig and Tongue are popular variations that only require players and a deck of cards.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better!

A variation to Spoons is now available for all the Simpsons fans out there. There is one small catch...there are no spoons involved. The Simpson's version of the game is played the same having players picking and passing cards to match four of a kind and then being one of the players to grab...you guessed it a donut!

This fun spin on the classic Spoons game comes complete with Simpsons themed cards and a box of those delicious pink donuts.

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