Spell Cube

Fast paced fun for two or more players. The Spell Cube game is simple, easy to learn and playable by all ages. It's compact design makes it a great travel game that can be played anywhere.

The Object
Create as many words as possible and be the player with the most points at the end of three rounds.

What You'll Need
Paper and pencil or pen
Timer or watch
Spell Cube

Playing the Game
Set the timer for one minute.
The youngest player rolls the cube first.
The number that appears face up is the number of points awarded for each word made that round.
The player that rolled calls out all nine letters and all players write them on the top of their paper.
If the smiley face shows up as one of the nine letters it can be used in place of any letter in the making of words.

The timer is started and the players have one minute to make as many words as possible from the nine letters.
At the end of the round each player multiplies the number of words by the number of points to calculate their total points.

The player to the left of the youngest player rolls next and round two begins.
The game is played in rounds of three.

Winning the Game
The player with the most points at the end of the third round is the winner.

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