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Rigmarole is a game of memory using counting sequence in which alliteration, beginning a sequence of words with the same letter sound, is the core concept. For example "Five Fixed Fans" or "Ten Tan Toads".

The repetition of a list makes Rigmarole similar to Going on a Picnic and Grandmother's Trunk. However in this game players must remember a sequence of words rather than just single words making it a bit more challenging.

Even though players are aided by the counting sequence and the repetition of the starting letter sound the game is definitely for older children.

What You'll Need
Two or more players age 8 and up.

Playing the Game
The game is started when the first player comes up with a three word alliterative phrase starting with the number "one". For example "one outstanding oyster" or "one oiled olive". The second player then repeats the phrase said by the first player and adds to it another phrase starting with the word "two" like "two trotting trolls" or "two terrific tomatoes". It is now the next players turn. They repeat all of the previous alliterations and adds one starting with the number "three". With three the alliterative sound is not just the "t" but rather the "th" sound like in "three throbbing thorns".

Play continues with each player repeating all of the previous alliterations and adding the next number until "ten" is reached. After "ten" play start over with "one" again.

Any player that is unable to successfully repeat the previous alliterations or who does not add a new phrase is out of the game.

Winning the Game
The last remaining player in the game is the winner.

Add to the challenge of the game by making the rule that the players added phrase needs to contain the same amount of words as the number that starts it. The first player would say "one". The second would be something like "two tires", the fifth would be something like "five flying fish fall fast" and so on. This rule seems like a simple change, but can really add a deceiving amount of difficulty to the game.

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