The Peg Game

The Peg Game made popular in recent years by Cracker Barrel restaurants has long been an intriguing challenge for people of all ages. The puzzle is frequently referred to as the I.Q. test and often proves difficult to solve even by those who have solved it before.

The Object
Jump each tee removing it from play until only one tee remains.

Setting Up the Game
Place a tee in each of the holes in the game board. There will be one place on the board without a tee.

Playing the Game
Jump one tee over another to an open space removing the one that was jumped.
Continue until only a single tee remains.

Winning the Game
If you are successful and leave only one tee you are a genius,

Leave two and you're pretty smart,

Leave three and you are just plain dumb,

But leave four and you are an "EQ-NO-RA-MOOOSE".

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Did you know that the earliest board games discovered are more than 3,500 years old?