Party Quirks

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Party Quirks is an outstanding party game that combines charades with pure hilarity. Whether teen or adult parties this game is always a hit. You may remember it from the popular TV show Whose Line is it Anyway?

What You'll Need
Four actors. One to be the host and three to be party guests.
Plenty of room for the players to move around.
Pencil and Paper.
An audience to sit back and laugh.

Setting up the Game
Seat everyone who will not be acting in rows as the audience in front of your "stage" area. Have the person who is playing the role of party host prepare for the guests arrival. Take the other three players to another area and give each of them a small piece of paper with a unique quirk written on it that they will portray. The quirk will influence the way they walk, talk and interact with the party host and other guests. The quirk can be as simple as a person such as a cowboy, zoo keeper, or nurse. It can also be more complex like a scene in a movie, a person with their pants on fire, or a person with x-ray vision.

Playing the Game
Return the three players to the "stage" area ready to act out their party quirks.

The scene begins with the party host getting ready for the upcoming party when the door bell rings or their is a knock at the door. The host answers the door and in walks the first guest. The guest immediately starts portraying their party quirk while the host offers them to help themselves to the food. Thirty seconds later the second guest arrives and immediately starts acting out their quirk. Once the second guest has arrived the host is allowed to start guessing what the guests' quirks are, but must do so while in character. The host may say "Please help yourself to the crackers bird trainer guy." or "Have a seat and rest those feet lady who's been stepping on broken glass.". About thirty seconds after the second guest arrives the third one attends the party.

Once a players quirk has been guessed they leave the "stage". Upon guessing all the quirks the game is over and a new group of players are chosen.

The cast of Whose Line is it Anyway frequently played this game. It always had us laughing out loud. The following videos are some of our favorites.

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