Operation Toy Story 3 Edition

Operation is back as Operation Toy Story 3 edition and this time it's Buzz Lightyear on the table. In this game of patience and skill you will be tested, but be careful if you make a mistake everyone will know as Buzz's wing lights up and you get buzzed.

Object of the Game

Remove the ailments bothering Buzz and collect the most money.

What's in the Box

  • Game Board featuring Buzz Lightyear
  • Surgical Tweezers
  • 12 Funatomy PiecesBattered Blaster, Busted Ball Joint, Toasted Turbo Boosters, Shattered Shield Generator, Galactic Acid, Radar Rash, Crystallic Confusion, Fried Fuse, Gouged Gauge, Crushed Communicator, High Pressure Wing Warp, and Asteroids.Doctor and Specialist CardsPlay Money

Setting up the Game

Place all the Funatomy pieces in the correct locations. Make sure they are flat in the bottom of the cavity with no part of them sticking up over the edge.

A Player is chosen to be the banker. They will be responsible for paying the players the fee for each successful operation.

Separate the Doctor cards from the Specialist cards. Shuffle the Specialist card and deal them out so each player receives an equal amount. Any extra cards are placed out of play.

Shuffle the Doctor cards and place them face down within reach of all players.

It is a good idea to set a time limit for attempting an operation. One minute should be sufficient. If the player does not complete the task in the time limit it is considered unsuccessful.

Playing Operation Toy Story 3

The youngest player goes first followed by the player to their left.

The player draws the top card from the Doctor pile. The card tells them which funatomy part to remove and the fee they will be paid if successful. The player then takes the surgical tweezers and attempts to remove the funatomy part without touching the edges of the cavity. If they are successful the bank pays the fee shown on the card, they keep the part, and the Doctor card is placed out of play. It is now the next players turn.

If they are unsuccessful the part is dropped back into the cavity and their turn is over. The player with the specialist card is now allowed to give it a try. If the Specialist is successful they receive

the fee on the specialist card and both the doctor card and specialist card are placed out of play. If the Doctor and Specialist are both unsuccessful, the Doctor card is placed at the bottom of the draw pile and the Specialist holds onto their card for the next time that operation is attempted.

In the event that the player has both the Doctor card and the Specialist card for the same operation they get two tries to perform the procedure.

Winning the Game

When all twelve funatomy pieces have been removed successfully the game is over and the player with the most money is the winner.

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Operation Toy Story 3 Instructions from Hasbro

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