Old Maid Card Game

Old Maid is a classic children's card game. It can be played by two or more players of almost any age using a standard deck of cards or one of the many specialized decks available. This is a great game to play with younger children. It reinforces matching skills and has them actively participating without the need for much assistance if any.

The Object
The object of the game is to not get caught holding the odd card out.

Setting Up
If using a standard 52 card deck remove one queen leaving only 51 cards. Deal the cards clockwise. This is also the direction of play. Some players may end up with more cards than the rest. This is fine and does not affect play.

Playing The Game
Once all the cards are dealt the players all look at their cards to match and discard any pairs they have. A pair is two equal cards like two tens or two kings. Suit does not matter.

Once the initial pairs are discarded the dealer begins by offering their cards spread face down to the player to their left. That player selects a card from the dealers hand without seeing it, and adds it to their own hand. If it makes a pair in their hand they discard the pair. The player who just took a card then offers their hand to the next player to the left, and so on.

If you paired up and discarded all of your cards you are safe and are no longer in the game. Eventually all cards will be discarded with the exception of the one queen. The holder of this card loses.

If you are using a deck of cards designed specifically for this game there will be matching pairs with the exception of one. Whoever holds this card in the end is the loser.

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