Odd Bean

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Odd beans is a simple game of chance appropriate for even the youngest players. It is a game of guessing...or is it a test of your psychic abilities?

Players simply need to know the difference between odd and even numbers to play.

What You'll Need
A small bag consisting of 12 dried beans for each player.
2 or more players

Playing the Game
Each player is given a small bag containing twelve dried beans. The first player pulls out some beans from the bag. Without showing them to the other players they take notice as to whether the total number of beans in their hand is an odd or an even number and then closes their hand hiding the beans.

The first player then asks the second player "Odds or evens?".

The second player then tries to guess if the first player is holding an odd or even number of beans. If they guess correctly they are given the beans the first player is holding. If their guess is incorrect they must forfeit the amount of beans the first player was holding to the first player.

It is now the second players turn. They pull a number of beans from their bag and take notice of whether they are holding an odd or even number and then hides them from the view of the other players. The second player then turns to the third player and asks them "Odd or even?".

It is now the third players turn to guess if the second player is holding an odd or even number of beans.

Play continues in this fashion until a player is out of beans. As soon as a player is out of beans they are out of the game.

Winning the Game
The player in the end that has collected all the beans is the winner.

If the game has just begun players may choose to risk a larger number of beans whereas further into the game it may be wise to risk smaller quantities.

Try to sweeten the deal by changing the dried beams to jelly beans. Amazingly children are more than happy to play when the end result could be a bag full of candy.

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