Name Dropping

Name Dropping is a fun name game played with a large sheet or parachute. 

Object of the Game

The object of Name Dropping is to get all members of the group to learn the names of all the other members.

What You'll Need

10 or more players.

A large sheet or parachute if available.

Enough room for all the players.

Setting up the Game

Divide the players into two teams. Separate the two teams leaving enough space in between them for the sheet or parachute to fit. Have a person on either side of the sheet hold up a corner so that it forms a visual block between the teams.  Huddle each team in tightly so they are unable to see the team on the other side of the sheet.  

Playing the Game

Have each team pick one player to go up to the sheet.

When both teams have a player in place quickly drop the sheet so they can see each other.

The selected players must now try and say the other players name first. Whoever says the opponent's name first, and of course correctly, wins the round.

The player who did not win joins the opposing team and play continues. Repeat the process until every player has had a turn at the sheet.

You can continue to play until all the players are on the same team or until all players have learned everyone else's names. 


If playing with a group where players may be familiar with many of the other players try adding a level of challenge by requiring that they not only say the name of the person, but also their favorite color, food, or animal.

Players can also be required to say the opponents first and last names. 

If you have real competitive players try changing the game a little and having the winning player continue on until they get a name incorrect.

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