Object of the Game

An easy icebreaker that allows players to learn what they have in common with others in the group.

What You'll Need

Enough space for all players to stand or sit in a circle.

Setting Up the Game

Have the players stand or sit in a circle facing each other. One player is chosen to be "It" and positions themselves in the middle of the circle.

Playing the Game

 The player who is "It" will direct the players to "Move if your favorite color is blue." or maybe "Move if you like pizza.". Upon giving the directive the players that match what "It" said find another player who has that in common and they switch places. 

As the players are switching places "It" is also trying to sneak into an open spot before one of the players. 

If "It" manages to get into an open spot before another player does then the player left standing in the middle becomes the new "It" and starts the game again.  

This game is also known as Move Your Butt, Switch it Up, and Change it Up.


With some groups it may be best to use chairs, hula hoops or tape to mark out the individual spots for the players especially with those who are overly competitive.

To increase the difficulty of the game have "It" make statements that are not obvious by appearance alone. A statement like "Move if you wear glasses" allows "It" to predetermine the people who are going to move and make plans to beat the slower one to their spot. 

If the statements are not based on appearance like "Move if you drink tea" then "It" is less likely to know who will be making their move.

Another option is to have "It" only make statements that are also true about themselves. For example if "It"lives on a farm they might say "Move if you live on a farm". Doing this not only allows them to see what others have n common, but also what "It" has in common with them.

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