In one form or another Hopscotch is played almost everywhere in the world. The variations from one region to another may be obvious, but the basic game is still there. Each version involves hopping through squares without contacting the lines

Don't let the kids know that the game Hopscotch is actually helping them develop agility, aim, and balance.

What You'll Need
One or more players
Chalk to mark out the playing board
A marker - A flat, easy to throw object like a coin, bottle cap or flat stone would work. You will need one for each player

Setting Up the Game
Some playgrounds have Hopscotch boards painted on the ground. If you do not have access to one of these it is simple to make your own.

A basic American Hopscotch board is a grid about 10 feet long by 4 feet wide with a half circle drawn at one end. The rectangular portion is divided into 10 spaces. The diagram below shows a typical layout.

Playing the Game
Choose a player to go first. The first player stands behind the line at the bottom of the grid opposite the half circle end. The player tries to toss their marker into square marked 1. If they fail to put their marker in the number 1 space it is then the next players turn. If they successfully toss their marker into the first space they

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