Free Cell

If you have ever played Solitaire on a computer you have most likely played Free Cell or another variation known as Klondike. The computerized version is widely distributed around the world on almost every PC.

Because it is so widely available on virtually every computer on the planet it is safe to assume that many work hours have been lost on these addicting games.

Whether playing the computer version or using a real deck of cards you are sure to enjoy this classic card game. 

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to build suits from Ace to King in the foundation piles. If played with a little skill the game will usually result in a win.

What You'll Need

A single deck of standard playing cards

A large flat surface, table or floor with enough space to play the game.

Setting Up the Game

Set up the game by removing the Jokers from the deck and shuffling the remaining cards. Free Cell consists of four foundation piles, four free cells and 8 columns in the tableau. Layout these areas on your playing surface.

The foundation piles will be located at the top and the free cells at the bottom closest to you. The tableau will be in the center of your play area.

Deal out four columns of seven cards each and four columns of six cards each starting from the left. The cards are dealt face up and slightly overlapping. The card closest to you in the column will be your available card for play.

Playing the Game

The top card in each column, the one closest to you is available to play. These cards can be placed into three places.

  1. Directly onto a foundation pile.
  2. Somewhere else on the tableau where it will build upon another column in in rank and by alternating color.
  3. Into an empty Free Cell.

The four Free Cells are there to be used as temporary placement for cards that may not be ideal for immediate play. All cards in the cells are available to be used to add onto a tableau column or a foundation pile. Only one card is allowed per cell.

While playing you will eventually create a gap in the tableau by moving all of the cards from that column into a foundation. When this happens you have a couple options. You can leave the gap open if you like or fill it with any available card. 

A helpful hint: When you do encounter a gap in the tableau it may be best to build a series of cards in it. The more cards you can build in that column the better. Doing so will create a column of cards in order where no lower cards are trapped beneath higher cards.

Winning Free Cell

You have successfully won the game when all of the cards have be laid in order in the foundation piles by suite from Ace to King.

Play Online

Free Cell like many other Solitaire games are extremely popular and have been adapted to computerized versions allowing you to play them online.

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