Crambo is an ancient game of guessing and rhymes that teaches children how to compose rhymes and make deductions to find answers in a fun way. Gather some friends, the more players, the better when playing this game.

Playing the Game

The first player thinks of two rhyming words. They then share one of the words with the rest of the players like so. "I am thinking of a word that rhymes with ________."

Now the other players try and figure out the rhyming word by asking questions that are answered with a word that rhymes with the clue.

Let's say the first player stated

"I am thinking of a word that rhymes with sat."

The other players ask questions like,

"Is it something you wear on your head?"

The first player responds with

"No it is not a hat."

The next player asks

"Is it a full grown kitten?".

Player one says

"No it is not a cat."

Players continue to guess until they discover the rhyming answer.

Scoring Crambo

Once a player discovers the correct answer they are awarded one point and it is their turn to think of rhyming words and to give the clue.

If players are stumped and cannot figure out the answer the player who thought of the words is awarded 1 point.

If the player who is answering the questions is unable to come up with the rhyming answer for the question asked. The person who asked the question wins the round and is awarded one point.

Winning the Game

The player with the most points after 5 rounds is the winner.

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