Auld Lang Syne Solitaire

Auld Lang Syne is a simple solitaire game that is easy to play, but very difficult to win.

What You'll Need

A standard deck of 52 playing cards

A large flat playing surface.

Setting Up Auld Lang Syne

The four aces are placed face up in a row to serve as bases; below that, the player deals a row of four face-up cards and builds any that he can on the  as 2 on A, 3 on 2, and so on, in ascending sequence, regardless of suits. Another four cards are dealt on the same row, covering the cards already there and filling any spaces; this is followed by further builds if possible. Four more are dealt in the same fashion, and this continues through the endre pack. 

Since key cards are easily buried, this game is often blocked before the bases can be built to kings, so pauses should be allowed during the deal if there is a chance to build a card  already showing on a pile. Example: A base has been built up to 0 5. The 7 is showing on the third pile. The player deals the * 6 on the second pile. He pauses and builds

 6 on O S and 7 on * 6, before finishing the four-card  deal; otherwise, the 7 might be buried forever. Even with that privilege, the game is so diffcult that the red object is to see how many cards can be built before play is finally blocked, rather than trying to build up the entire pack.

Tam o' Shanter is a tougher version of Auld Lang Syne, in which, the entire pack is shumed and then dealt by fours, so that aces aren't available until they crop up in the deal.  Easier variants are known under a variety of titles that are not worth listing, because so many better and brighter solitaires are willing, waiting, and wanüng for whosoever would like to play them.

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