Assassin is a discrete game of elimination in which players are "assassinated" in the wink of an eye.

This game is also know as Murder or Killer and despite its name is a very non-violent game.

The subtlety of play is what makes it so much fun.

The game can be played with a group of any mix of ages and can even be played in combination with another game, like a card game or board game.

The more players the better with this one.

Setting Up the Game

Players sit so they are all facing each other.

Tear a piece of paper into pieces equal with the number of players. An "X" is written on one of the pieces and all pieces are folded in half. Mix the pieces up and distribute them so each players has one.

The player who has the piece with the "X" is the secret assassin.

Object of the Game

For the assassin the object of the game is to "kill" off the other players by giving them a sly wink.

For the rest of the players the object is to catch the assassin winking at another player before they are winked at themselves.

Playing Assassin

Players scan each others faces in an attempt to find the assassin while the assassin scans players in search of their next victim. When the assassin catches the eye of a player they quickly and quietly wink at them.

Once a player has been winked at they must wait 10 seconds and then proclaim "I'm dead" and drop out of the game. This is a very important part of the game. Without the waiting it would be way too easy to identify the killer.

Winning the Game

If a player thinks they know who the assassin is they may make an accusation. If they are right they are declared the winner and the game is over. If they are wrong they themselves are now "dead".

If the assassin manages to "kill" everyone without being discovered they are declared the winner.

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